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okay but can you imagine bucky just saying whatever comes to his mind because he’s finally allowed to express himself and doesn’t really have to be afraid of the consequences anymore

like they’re eating and he interrupts tony’s story with “i really love your hair today”. thor and pepper say “thank you” at the same time. it was directed at bruce

he outright calls fury’s plan bullshit (and natasha thanks him for it by paying for lunch)

he has long, meaningful conversations about orange is the new black with jarvis (darcy overhears and finds it adorable)

he spends half an hour talking to coulson about how fucking insufferable steve was back in the war, jumping off of everything and blowing shit up (“and he made it look so sexy too”) and when he sees the longing look coulson’s trying to hide he goes “it’s okay we all have a crush on him just ask wilson”

speaking of sam, maria hill catches him stifling a laugh as bucky whisper-sings “i’m a bird, motherfucker” while they’re waiting in the lobby for some super serious shield business

steve almost chokes on his drink when bucky tells him he has a nice butt in front of a hoard of reporters

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"you can’t be a pansexual, you’ve only been in three relationships and they’ve all been with cis guys"

oh sorry i wasn’t aware i needed the eight pansexual badges before i was considered a pansexual master


after that, you can go beat the queerlite 4

But who exactly is in the queerlite 4? How queer do you have to be to qualify? Who is the champion? What Pokemon do they use? I need to know…